Water Cart Spray Truck

Constructed from superior materials and designed with the operator in mind, the Rapid Spray range of water cart spray tanks can be fitted to any cab-chassis vehicle for a heavy-duty, mobile spraying solution. Our quality units are versatile, fully adjustable and they promise years of reliable service.

The Rapid Spray range of water cart spray truck systems have set the bar high when it comes to providing cost-effective mobile spraying units for the farm and industry. Our systems can be fitted with petrol, hydraulic or diesel pumps and are suitable for use in a wide range of applications – from watering to dust suppression and more.

Our spray truck systems are made with galvanised pipework and quality parts, ensuring a reliable spraying unit that will last for years.

They also feature sturdy, hot dip galvanised steel frames (with lift and tie-down points) and impact-resistant polyethylene tanks for added durability.

Available in a variety of tank sizes and with different mounting options (for example skid or chassis mounting), our water cart spray systems can be customised to work well in a range of different environments. They feature fully-adjustable rear centre, batter, front and cannon sprays and can be filled from overhead standpipes, main hydrants or pools and dams. What’s more, our units come with gravity dribble and drop bar systems and can be operated from inside your cab.

All Rapid Spray water cart spray systems are built to the highest safety standards and feature fully Baffled Tanks and pressure-relief valves. They also come with highly visible rotating beacons because we put work safety first.

Whether you need a cost-effective turnkey package or a completely customised set-up, contact us today.