Motorised Field Sprayers

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Perfect for those jobs requiring a larger spraying output, our range of motorised field sprayers give you the pressure you need to get the job done. Powered by Honda and built to the highest standards, our Australian made motorised sprayers are robust and reliable, and can be used for general farming work and pressure cleaning.

Not all spraying jobs can be done with a 12 volt pump. Sometimes a larger capacity unit is needed to apply spray, or to clean effectively. In these instances, it’s necessary to choose a motorised sprayer model. Rapid Spray’s range of motorised sprayers includes models capable of delivering high pressure and ensuring a top-notch finish whatever the task is.

Made with heavy duty polyethylene (which is both impact-resistant and rust-proof) and galvanised steel, our range of motorised field sprayers are built with quality components and materials – ensuring many years of reliable service.

Whether fitted on the back of a small truck, a ute, or other utility vehicle, our motorised sprayers allow you to spray large distances quickly and provide exceptional power and functionality.

With adjustable pressure control and high quality spray guns capable of dispersing your contents in a wide range of spray patterns, our motorised sprayers give you all the control you need to do the job. Also, keeping track of your content levels is made easy with clearly displayed graduation levels on the tank’s outer surface.

Most of our motorised sprayers come with lengthy warranties, giving you peace of mind all year round. They are also easily cleaned, helping you cut back on maintenance time.

If you’re looking for a high quality, reliable and top performing motorised field sprayer, choosing from amongst the range offered by us is a wise choice. There are many options and each promises to deliver exceptional service for many years to come.