Fire Fighting Hose Reels

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Looking for high quality and reliable fire fighting hoses and reels at great prices? Rapid Spray has a wide selection of both fire fighting hose reels and hose products available now. Each item is made from top grade materials that will perform when required and last through multiple uses and storage. Our range of fire fighting hose products are manufactured for immediate, sustained flow throughout use. Designed for optimum performance in various conditions, each of our fire fighting hose reels are ideal for both fire fighting and heavy industry washdown. For high quality fire fighting hose products and reels, order online from Rapid Spray today!

When you order online from Rapid Spray, you get the same high quality product at a lower cost. You avoid the unnecessary added costs of buying retail, such as transportation, staffing and storage. Instead, you get the lowest price guaranteed on your fire fighting hose reels and more! For the best quality and competitive prices, order your fire fighting hose from Rapid Spray today!

36 Metre of 19mm Fire Hose with Free Fire Fighting Nozzle

36M of 19mm Fire Hose with Free Fire Fighting Nozzle

Code: TCUF14519MMX36N

36m length of 19mm fire hose and nozzle

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$195.00 Au

Fire Hose Reel Bare

Fire Hose Reel Bare

Code: TAFHW10B19

Fire hose reel bare

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$534.00 Au

36 Metre Fire Fighting Hose Reel

36M Fire Fighting Hose Reel

Code: TAFHW10B036M19-ROS

36 metre fire hose reel

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Price: $729.00 AU
Special Price: $669.00 AU