Plastic Fuel Tanks

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Rapid Spray by Tank Management Services provides premier plastic fuel tanks across Australia, for a wide range of applications and uses.

Any plastic fuel tank in Australia must be tough. It has to cope with extremes in temperature and UV exposure without failure, as in the vast reaches of this continent, a lost or contaminated fuel supply can spell serious trouble. Our plastic fuel tanks are constructed of a high-grade polyethylene plastic, resistant to heat and sunlight, and guaranteed to last well even in our tough conditions.

But preserving fuel is only important when the fuel is usable. Fuel that has been contaminated with dust or grime can gum up your fuel filters, and potentially hurt your engine’s performance – or worse. Rapid Spray’s plastic fuel tanks provide a lockable in-built pump compartment, or a pad-lockable filler cap. They can both preserve your fuel’s quality, and keep it out of thieving hands, as well.

In order to preserve the environment, safety features have been built in to our fuel tanks. Auto shut-off nozzles, along with an included earth strap, prevent spillage and the build-up of static, which could lead to a disastrous spark.

We at Tank Management Services sell a premium product for the discerning consumer, and Rapid Spray plastic fuel tanks fit our lofty standards. Check them out today!