Fuel Tanks

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Fuel tanks in Australia must cope with some of the harshest conditions on the planet. This country, more than perhaps any other, demands something different in which to store your vital fuels, and Rapid Spray’s fuel tank selection has been designed to surpass expectations.

The extreme heat and intense sunlight of the world’s hottest continent can wreak havoc on substandard fuel tanks. Low-grade plastic can warp under the intense UV, while aluminium tanks struggle with useability in the extreme heat. Rapid Spray’s diesel-grade polyethylene has been specially formulated to withstand these conditions for years at a time.

The dryness of the continent creates difficulties for fuel contamination. Strong winds and dust can easily enter your fuel tanks during refuelling, and over time, can overburden your fuel filters. Rapid Spray fuel tanks provide a lockable, in-built pump compartment, or, if you desire, a pad-lockable filler cap. These will keep your fuel both safe from the elements, and from thieving hands.

Safety has been built in to our designs, as well. Our fuel tanks provide auto shut-off nozzles, to protect the environment and your workplace, as well as an included earth strap, to prevent static-buildup and the chance of ignition.

Along with our wide range of extras and pump options, we are certain you will find your ideal fuel storage solution among the pages of Tank Management Services. If you’re looking for the ultimate fuel tank, look no further.