Water Cartage Tanks Built Tough

Hauling desperately-needed water across the harsh landscapes of rural Australia is not a task for half-hearted equipment. We live, and work, in the world’s hottest and driest continent, and when water is needed, it is often needed badly. There is no sense is shipping it in a container that might give up halfway.

The Rapid Spray lineup of products employs a lifetime of experience in these tough environments, giving rise to a theme among our water cartage tanks, from the largest to the smallest-size capacity tanks. They are created tough, with steel braces, intended to withstand the jarring of thousands of kilometres, without coming loose or spilling a drop.

They are moulded to fit in out-of-the-way places on your truck or rig, ensuring that while they are doing their job, they aren’t getting in the way of yours. The unique polyethylene plastic of the tanks is UV stabilised; you can leave it outside, without worrying about the strain of the sun reducing the viability or the impact strength of the tank. We feel this is an absolute necessity, especially for outdoor storage.

All of these water cartage tanks come with ¾” poly drain bungs, to ensure fast rinsing and cleaning. They are adaptable enough to be employed for a wide variety of services outside of only water, including chemicals and fertiliser, while remaining tough enough to handle years of strong service.

At Tank Management Services, we like to ensure we are moving trustworthy equipment to our clients. We feel that making one investment that will last you well is a better idea than making several, and the Rapid Spray lineup of equipment, across the board, fits this theory well.

If you’re in need of the finest, toughest, and most long-lasting water cartage tanks available on the market, you are in the right place. Contact us today.