Slip-on Fire Fighting Units By Rapid Spray

Having access to a versatile, quick-response unit during bushfire season can make all the difference when the chips are down. In the vastness of the interior, we cannot always rely on help to arrive on time, and many homeowners have taken steps towards equipping themselves with their own form of response.

The Rapid Spray lineup of equipment can place you in a position to defend your property during a bushfire event. Our slip-on fire fighting units provide the capacity and the power to hold back the flames, utilising good design and engineering, and Rapid Spray’s trademark toughness and reliability.

The key to the effectiveness of our gear is their versatility. A slip-on unit is capable of being brought to bear by any ute, truck, or trailer. Encased in a strong steel frame, and powered by our world-class pumps and motors, these units – when combined with a reliable vehicle – provide an excellent chance of keeping you and yours safe from the flames.

Apart from the unit and pump, all of Rapid Spray’s large capacity fire fighting units comes with a 36 metre heavy-duty water hose, along with an adjustable nozzle. This can improve your chances of putting out even the toughest of fires, and keeps you from being obliged to reposition your vehicle quite as often.

The adjustable nozzle can be altered for volume, to soak a larger area, or can be changed to straight velocity, to reach further. This offers you a far better chance of accessing the vital seat of a fire, its hottest point, while staying at a safe distance yourself.

If you're looking for the peace of mind that comes with being prepared for any eventuality, Rapid Spray’s lineup of products can help you. Contact Tank Management Services today to find our more.