Dust Suppression Systems from Rapid Spray

Intense heat, dry weather and a lack of precipitation can spell difficulties for many of us here in Australia. The combination of these three elements can lead to a heavy dust load flying in the wind, reducing visibility, and coating everything with a layer of fine dust.

Within our work spaces, dust can pose it’s own hazard. High dust loads can limit our visibility, which poses dangers, and can hurt productivity. It can coat floors and surfaces, creating slip hazards. And certain dust, such as coal dust, is highly explosive, and has in the past caused a number of fatalities.

A good dust suppression system can reduce these risks. A good system can keep a workplace safer, ensuring that your day is not being interrupted or slowed, and can keep the dust or soil grounded, where it belongs.

Plus, a well-constructed dust suppression system from Rapid Spray is not, by any means, limited to this task alone. Outfitted properly, they can be used for watering around your property, as well as taking care of spot fires in the bush. Tank Management Services provides a wealth of attachments for your Rapid Spray system, allowing it to be the versatile, adaptable tool that you need it to be.

Rapid Spray tanks and pumps are built strong, to last well in the harsh working environment of the outdoors. The tanks are constructed of solid, reinforced polyurethane, while the pumps have been built with galvanised pipework, and are available in both electric and gas options. This gear will not let you down.

At Tank Management Services, we offer gear of a certain quality, for distinguishing clients in need of a long-term solution. If a dust suppression system, with an adaptable twist, is on your list, you have found the right place.