Diesel Tanks for the Toughest Jobs

The ubiquitous diesel engine was among the most important innovations with regards to our eventual settlement inland in Australia. These hard-wearing, tough engines have been offering access to the hinterland since they were developed, offering a hard-wearing mode of transport, and powering our various vital machines.

One of the reason that diesel engines are so tough is their parts. Because they use the heat from compression to fire the cylinder, their parts are often stronger, and breakages less common. They tend to run cooler. Their fuel plays a role, as well. Diesel is a better lubricator, keeping the engine operating more smoothly, and is less flammable than gasoline.

However, they will only operate well if provided with good fuel. Diesels are very dependent on the provision of clean fuel, and substandard tanks, in the dusty climate of rural Australia, will strike down a diesel as quickly as you can say Jack Robinson.

This is why the Rapid Spray lineup of products features diesel tanks of a hard-wearing, tough nature, hard enough to withstand years of use and abuse among the harsh environments that we operate in. Built of heavy polyethylene, these tanks are resistant to both impact and the sun’s rays, shrugging off the effects of both UV rays and tough use with ease.

These diesel tanks come with a whole host of optional extras. They set an industry standard in regards to their secure nature, and can keep your fuel safe and free from contamination, no matter how many miles you put behind your truck or ute.

With the distances that we run here in Australia, ensuring a safe and secure method of fuel delivery is key to running nearly any operation – from farms, to wineries, to the mining industry. Rapid Spray diesel tanks can keep your diesels running well, mile after mile.

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