Diesel and Fuel Storage Fuel Tanks and the Jerry Can

The jerry can is easily the most ubiquitous of all diesel and fuel storage tanks. Originally designed in the 1930s for military use by the German armed forces, the Second World War saw them become a highly coveted item for the allies. They were subsequently reverse engineered, and pressed in to service in the millions, still sporting the name harkening back to wartime slang for Germans, ‘Jerry’.

They are still being produced today, although their materials have been altered. Formerly constructed of pressed steel, Jerry cans are now an aluminium or plastic fuel tank. Despite this fundamental change, their design has hardly been altered a whit – they still possess the recognisable pattern on their side, the sloping spout, and the side-mount handles.

Jerry cans were popular for a number of reasons. Their spout and locking cap allowed one to fill up a gas tank without the use of added spouts or a funnel. They were tough, but easily stored, and light enough to be handled by one man on the go.

The unique crosses on their side served a unique purpose. They allowed for expansion of the metal when exposed to heat, and served to stiffen the side of the tank. The plastic variant of this fuel tank has retained this look.

This fuel tank was so successful that it has been expanded in to other uses. Delineated by colour, Jerry cans have gone beyond just serving as a plastic fuel tank. They now carry any liquid that is required, from water, to lubricants, to cooking oils and more. A game-changing innovation, the Jerry can is a fuel tank that shows how good engineering stands the test of time. Rapid Spray by Tank Management Systems follows this example, by providing fuel storage tanks with quality engineering standards and high functionality, to ensure they perform well for our customers.