Backpack-Mounted Fire Fighting Units

If you ask any member of Australia’s fire-fighting services, they will tell you about how many people will underestimate the speed and pace of a bushfire. When pushed by strong winds, and when influenced by landforms, a bush fire can outrun even the fleetest of men and women.

However, the seat of the fire is only one of the dangers in fire country. Bushfires are also capable of starting fires from a distance, in a process known as an ember attack. During such an event, winds push burning material in front of the seat of the fire, in the form of leaves, twigs, bark, or anything else flammable and capable of flight. This can easily start spot fires, and cause property damage to areas not directly affected by the main fire.

This is why these crews must be very mobile during fire season. Crews are often sent out with little more than shovels and light gear, with the mandate of preventing such spot fires from taking hold and causing damage. On your home or property, such work is equally effective, and this is why portable fire-fighting units that can be worn as backpacks.

Ergonomically designed, our backpacks are simple enough to operate – they utilise a double-action pump to keep the water pressurised, and are built to reduce the fatigue of the operator. The tank itself comes equipped with a screen filter, to ensure that debris won’t clog the sprayer.

This fire fighting unit allows the user the mobility and quick response that they may need during an ember attack. Its capacity is enough to cover numerous small spot fires, yet is not so heavy that it overpowers the user. Built to last, premium Rapid Spray equipment can keep you and your property safe from the ravages of an ember attack.

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