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  • Slip-on Fire Fighting Units By Rapid Spray

    Having access to a versatile, quick-response unit during bushfire season can make all the difference when the chips are down. In the vastness of the interior, we cannot always rely on help to arrive on time, and many homeowners have taken steps towards equipping themselves with their own form of response.
    Tank Management Services is a

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  • Diesel and Fuel Storage Fuel Tanks and the Jerry Can

    The jerry can is easily the most ubiquitous of all diesel and fuel storage tanks. Originally designed in the 1930s for military use by the German armed forces, the Second World War saw them become a highly coveted item for the allies. They were subsequently reverse engineered, and pressed in to service in the millions

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  • The Value of Quality Weed Sprayers

    Rapid Spray by Tank Management Services offers weed sprayers that can fulfil all that can be asked of such equipment. Contact us today to find out more!
    Many of our most valuable and iconic agricultural industries here in the lucky land are subject to assault by parasitic and damaging weeds. Both local and invasive, this plague

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