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  • Backpack-Mounted Fire Fighting Units

    If you ask any member of Australia’s fire-fighting services, they will tell you about how many people will underestimate the speed and pace of a bushfire. When pushed by strong winds, and when influenced by landforms, a bush fire can outrun even the fleetest of men and women.
    However, the seat of the fire is only

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  • Diesel Tanks for the Toughest Jobs

    The ubiquitous diesel engine was among the most important innovations with regards to our eventual settlement inland in Australia. These hard-wearing, tough engines have been offering access to the hinterland since they were developed, offering a hard-wearing mode of transport, and powering our various vital machines.
    One of the reason that diesel engines are so tough

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  • Water Cartage Tanks Built Tough

    Hauling desperately-needed water across the harsh landscapes of rural Australia is not a task for half-hearted equipment. We live, and work, in the world’s hottest and driest continent, and when water is needed, it is often needed badly. There is no sense is shipping it in a container that might give up halfway.
    The Rapid Spray

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